Friday, August 13, 2010

some important news

PSO,s pumps security contract was given to ISRAELI company, a big failure of government, it is from last 2 years, the company,s fake name is PAK-TURK but behind are Israel and India, so we can understand the reasons of attacks in Pakistan. and Govt is making relations with Israel.

 In Germany also one mosque has been closed, in US mosque has been made controversial, Burqa baned in many states of Europe, etc these acts by west are liberal/ promoting extremism in answer of western extremism???

Air Blue,s lost Pilot, create an other theory: the plane was hijacked by Black water, and was ordered to strike on Kahotta Research Lab. But Pilot refused to accept and stroked in no go area. 

Where are so called old friends (KSA, China) of Pakistan (Holbrook)

Could India stop Kashmir to be part of Pakistan? will of a martyr in Kashmir.

Pakistan have to build dams. USA

Diamond of throne of Tipu sultan for sale in UK. 

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