Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tourism (Pakistan)

Tourism/ picnic/ outing is not necessity but it is must for healthy human life. But it requires some budget. The world is facing and living in that age which can't even provide necessities like food & shelter. So outing is after of that. 
 Pakistan is one of those territory which is blessed by all the gifts of nature (for a brief view you may visit photos, video with anthem). If i start here the counting of the gifts i can't. But i can share one comments by a Diplomat to a visa applicant. 
"A Pakistani young boy in Australian embassy for getting visa: after completing all the requirements, the stage of interview came, The interviewer asked: "why you want to go Australia?" he replied: "i heard that Australia is a beautiful country, i want to see that beauty". Visa officer asked "have you seen Pakistan?" he replied: "NO". Visa officer refused visa application by saying: "Go and visit Pakistan, It is more beautiful than Australia". 
I think he was right.
 Dudipatsar Lake. Located in Kaghan Valley, Pakistan 


  1. really pakistan is the most beautiful country in the world. Unfortunately we're not value of it...

  2. The beauty that my eyes would never have imagined to see! I have much to learn about this country and appreciate the pictures that help me see for myself. Thanks. jeri

  3. Thank You Beeni and Jeri, but all this need Peace and good advertise.....


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