Friday, December 31, 2010

Old & New Year!

Peace is the duration between the wars (The definition of peace by a Philosopher). The 21st century was started with the war and it is till on, even after the end of 1st decade.
But wish is to have peace in next decade. It was Bad bye to the 1st decade but hope for Good and Peaceful 2011.


  1. Happy New Year! A year of new hope, new adventures, new wonders awaits us all. Let us all pray for peace, share our bounty, lift up the lonely hearts and make the world a better place!

  2. happy new year brother. Hope we're all gonna be so much better.
    & keep doing your best yaar

  3. @ Jeri Thank. yes you are right we have to make a better place.
    @ Zarrah Thank u and same to you too.


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