Friday, May 06, 2011

Political institutes are very weak!!! but WHY???

A Common comment by the American senators and representers for the Pakistan is "Political institutes are very weak in Pakistan". But i think they never analyzed, Why is it? 
If world's most shameful policy "U.S. National Security Strategy of September 2002" do not respect world's independent states. And can took any step on the name of national security, how political institutes can be strong in the world. Very briefly this document gives right to American establishment to kill any person or attack on any state in the world, to whom they declared the terrorist. Does not matter he has harmed to any American or not. This extra judicial murder is legal being the citizen of this age. Mean if thousand miles away American establishment feels you are a threat to american, it mean you are no more. It is without any judicial procedure.
Pakistani Parliament has passes a resolution against the Drone attacks but they are still on. There has been taken many other steps for sovereignty but not accepted. So how the people of Pakistan could trust on that dummy parliament to make it strong institute????

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