Sunday, August 15, 2010

We are Used to.

Education is Formation, not information. Opposition of this quotation is so exact on our current days. people have a lot of knowledge but practice is almost zero. the common sources of knowledge now a days are SMS services, talk, discussions, e.mails, social medias, TV programs, advertisements, advices etc. but all this go to wastage due to lack of practice. Knowledge is power is interpreted so wrongly in our human society, its just like that a man is engineer and can serve humanity by utilizing his knowledge but if he don,t do it, could it be a power??
 If we go to find out the reason behind it we will see we are too much used to, to have information now. which itself is an irritating act. overflow of any thing irritate you but we dont care about any such thing, either its about thinking, entertainment, some acts etc. like we receive daily countless SMS, only a few 1st look nice and bearable but then they irritate us. over talk, acts (any), all are irritating. 

 In Islam we have the lesson to be moderate in all things like expenditures, thinking, acts etc. but we take it oppositely and love to make our self moderate than the practices. like we do practice/ not is moderation rather doing in a extent. which it self, a self created term, we can be low practicing or full practicing Muslims, the term like moderate Muslims does not exist. In Islam it self we have moderation in all practices, like Jummah after 1 week (Not daily to make it a burden over Muslims), Ramzan after 1 month (that also totally different from other religions with full moderation (not like Christianity of 24 hours, and Hindu only for men)), 2 Eid,ein in a year (Entertainment is not for all the time), respects for holy things (Not like Christians/ other religions to make Prophet the God) etc. So lesson of moderation is already existed in Islam, deduction/ addition will put us on extremism. 
 This lesson we have to take in our daily life, in all acts. try to be practicer than having bundle of knowledge with out benefit, Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW) asked for protection of Allah from that knowledge which have no benefit. 
 Now the solution can be that we take daily one sms/ any other information to take as for practice, and one more thing if possible to stop doing SMS in a huge quantity which have no benefit but wastage of time, money, resources. etc.
it could help us to be educated, and having power of knowledge. 

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