Saturday, August 21, 2010

Voluntarily/ Agenda.

  Pakistan and Pakistani are under water from last 24 days. and as usual Pakistani has opened their hearts, pockets for the humanity, Muslims, Pakistanis. From govt till now zero activity if CM of Punjab is doing some is blamed for photo session. International world is still promising for aid, and with it excusing that the aid for the earth quake has been misused. so now no more aid (indirect saying). then suddenly they found that the organizations which were baned by calling "terrorist organizations" are as usual helping to the poor people. And west rather help to humanity crying the terrorists are getting their positions back. So US had increased its soldiers on Pak land. 
 The western media which was criticizing to zardari on visit of France and UK (though it was right but badly), now not crying for humanitarian act but own sorrows terrorists, terrorists. daily telegraph reported that from the aid for earth quake, government of Musharaf invested 1,20,00,00,000 Pk Rs on other projects and did corruption of more than 3,30,00,00,000 Pk Rs. though this puppet had full confidence in his era either was dictator. (its an other debate)
 a big secret is that even before the 9/11 western lobbies has started baning International Islamic organizations. in the start of 1990 there were more than 500 International Islamic organizations, and in 1999 they were just 2. The last charity Islamic organization which was baned in 2004 was Qatar charities. in 2004 when it was baned the organization was taking care of 1,00,000 widows and orphans. this happen in all Islamic countries, from Kenya to Malaysia. and the blame was that they are funding to Jihadi acts, they are funding to organizations like Hamas. and in last election when Hamas won the election by democratic way but government was not alloted to them. the reason was given that Hamas won the election because of these charity acts which were funded by other Islamic organizations. even in Marrakesh one organization Charitable social association was baned which was responsible for giving food to the fasters of Ramdan.
 In Pakistan three largest organizations Jamat-u-Dawa, Alrasheed Trust, Alhidmat Organization. are now too working for the victims of Flood, and they did their best in earth quake relief as well. and it is on record that in earth quake UNO too admitted that jama-u-Dawa was 1st in ranking for relief activities. and i am witness personally had been in those areas and found them more, active and humble than any one else, their repute on that time was such nice that when ever new donors came there they tried to divide through Jamat-u-dawa and such other Islamic organizations. Jamat-u-Dawa made separate houses than joint camps for victims, they gave work to the people than making them beggars etc. 
 But then they were baned and in response were sent 3,000 western organizations which either promoted to the case of Mukhtara mai/ were involve for making fake video of Swat/ were found in air conditioned offices. But on other side Jamat-u-Dawa, Al-rasheed, and Al-khidmat were found to the door steps of victims either it was earth quake (before the ban) or now (after ban). Their men are working fully voluntarily. Nimat-u-Llah khan the 80 years old Heart patient, ex-mayer of Karachi largest city of Pakistan is in field than sitting in AC rooms. 
 now you can analyse that who is working voluntarily, for humanity and who is for his own agenda? Though about it also facts are coming out that this flood was also man made. (will discuss later in another blog). Pakistani are continuously under crisis just after of 9/11 and now people are so angry, and this anger of world, and govt, thank cooked the lava and any time can blow out.  then no one will be save.

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