Sunday, August 22, 2010

Will Facebook ban for us???

World,s largest social media networking site facebook, could be close for a few Islamic countries in near future and it would by the west, yes it would by west. I am not saying by my own side or because i had a dream. but  by analyzing a few acts.

 1: Draw Mohammad SAWW
 2: Burn Quran
 and could some more in near future.
These acts hurt a lot to more than 1.6 billion Muslims in world. and the answer was, its freedom of expression, but silence when were asked where the hell freedom of expression goes when some one talks about the Holocaust, when some one talks about the Jews. 

 But the thing is that why they choose face book as a platform for the advertisement of their these shameful acts. one could be that it is one of largest networking site, but there are many others too, other channels were also available but why only face book? 

 The question was really thought provoking, so to get answer it was must to have a deep visit of  face book, and by doing it, it concluded that it could be because youth of Muslim countries is getting unite with out any hurdle here. They are tired from their so called Leaders, and because were unable to have access to each other, But face book provided them one such platform where they not only can share their thoughts, but are aware about the realities which are not available to them due to controlled world media. they are getting unite and becoming a uncontrolled power for their own governments as well as a threat for west. They simply create groups, to share daily news which due to censor ship can,t go out to their towns, like from Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq etc. Hope all of us have seen such sharing (videos,  photos, pieces of writings, comments) which are called by them "advocate violence against non-Muslims"

And now propagating that Taliban and other Extremist groups had found an easy outlet in social media. "Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook give banned groups and other extremist groups a good forum for carrying forward their agenda. They are effective tools." And now even they are giving the page creators  names like "bin laden of Internet" By saying all this they could close the door of this site for Muslim countries.  

All this is looking to create an issue, and paving the way to stop these social media networks in a few Islamic countries like Pakistan. Though there are also many forums, pages by western youngsters as well, against the Islam and other religions. But no objection there.

But as usual the biasness could harm a little to our youth in coming future. 1st they tried it by Draw Mohammad SAWW, but not succeeded then Quran, but its getting too much. This time it could start some problems, in result or by saying some thing else(under use of terrorists) they can stop face book for us. the motive behind is only to left us unaware, un-unite. we should have an alternative to be aware, to be unite if this happen to us. 

 Fahad Shahzad waraich 

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