Friday, October 08, 2010

08,October 2005

Five years ago, the morning of 8th October opened a new chapter in Pakistan. It was the  day when Pakistan was shaken by an earthquake after of which the world came-up with a huge aid for the people of the country. But the greedy, corrupt politicians of Pakistan and their head General Musharaf broke all the records of corruption in the world. Now in result of then made records, the world is  reluctant to help world,s largest disaster in which 20 Million people are in the list of effectees. 
They are right and they should not come with the same enthusiasm which they showed in 2005. But it does not mean to stop the humanitarian acts in the critical situations. 
In the time when no one was coming-up and left the people in the sorrows, a Friend set a beautiful example for the world and prove that the aid is not to show-off but an Humanitarian acts, actually. They did not excuse for not helping the people because of the corrupt rulers rather came-in in a nice way. 

The story is that, in Flood-affected areas of the Pakistan, a team of donors, came from Turkey, and as-usual welcomed by some local feudal. But the difference was in their way of action. They did not handed over all the aid to the landlords. They forced the welcoming-bodies to lead them in the effected areas and let them share the grieves of the people, over there. As was their wish, they were guided to a camp of the effected people. The people's condition over there, was as bad as could be of any disaster hit area. They spent some time with them, mean while a bulk of the people from many other camps rushed to them by hearing the words 'donors in the area'. After having a crowd, they started distributing foodie items which were loaded on the trucks with them. 
During the distribution, they announced a waiting call, till the good-bye words by them. After unloading the trucks, they started distributing an envelop to the head of each family. This astonished, every body over there, because in the envelops, there were currency notes in them. This amount was to re-build their houses and was sufficient to do so. 
The people were very glad to receive and in response gave bundle of thanks and prays to their helpers. But on the other hand, they left a superb example for rest of the world with the moral;where there is a will, there is a Way!

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