Friday, September 17, 2010

Who is responsible?

Richies are getting rich, and poors are getting more poor. The world is running in a race where day by day injustice, is increasing and in result lack of Peace. Every one want peace but no one :( . In this age when high crimes are being done by highly educated but no accountability(making policies to be richie rich and make to left only the machines), is pushing to world to the end. Big enterprises are increasing their profit, no matters how but they are doing, and labor is poor as it was, if you found in some cases(a poor became rich), those too will be by lottery, which also had benefited to a enterpriser. 
 Capitalism is eating to humans by making it a machine out of human, it made, to useless too utility, by advertisement.  and Socialism had eaten enough by finishing the concept of struggle. both systems were on its extreme and harmed to Humans in a huge extent. the solutions is only in between, mean have competition, sense of struggle WITH check and balance. which had been experienced by world before too with superb experience. The system given by Islam, with no interest. and full check and balance. 

  The world is facing economic crisis but as big is ur organization as big you will get benefit, the crisis are only for the labor, for small enterprises. Even the crisis like Flood, earth quake, Tsunami are beneficial to large one. like by collecting aid you will BUY the water (the free gift by God) and by doing it even for those areas which were not to use these luxuries, you are profiting to one big fish of ocean (like NESTLE). 

 Now in whole world either these enterprises have access to Govern, or they have fully hold on the governments. they can make governments and can break them. Either in USA where all the Governing bodies are almost those which have strong bigger enterprises/ those which are in strong relations to them. they are running their war machinery by causing wars, killing innocents. Or in Pakistan where the Parliamentarian are getting more rich, even their assets has been increased in three folds in six years, in that time when suicides due to financial crisis getting common news. ( according to a survey suiciding rate is 6000-8000/year)
 to whom the responsibility goes???

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