Friday, March 11, 2011


ISI (Inter Services intelligence) & CIA (central Intelligence Agency) are two of world's most known and established intelligence agencies.
Both the agencies founded in late 40s'. ISI having the record of most trust able agency of the world. There is no such big failures in the history of ISI like of many others e.g. CIA (9/11, WMD in Iraq etc) KGB (failed  with USSR) RAW (Mumbai Attacks and many more)  Mosaad (so often caught while using western passports etc).
Both the agencies had been partners in Afghan Jihad. Now two coalition partners of Afghan Jihad are at front of each other. American failures in Afghanistan are putting her in the conditions to save her dignity at any cost. CIA is trying her level best to put all the blame on ISI and again using the same ways for which CIA is famous (CIA can choose any legal or illegal way to get her motives). Attacking on common people and as well on the offices of ISI. The case of American agent Raymond Davis is in court. Raymond is being said by Americans that he has diplomatic immunity but still America is unable to prove that. It is also said that the two bikers killed by the Raymond were the agents of ISI. And they were following Raymond because of his dubious activities in Pakistan. Another American citizen arrested from Peshawar is having some dubious record. Both the cases are in courts but American pressure is increasing and now again choose illegal and unethical form to get her agendas.

 CIA and America should keep in mind that this is the only Agency which fought with Soviet union at front line and put her down(CIA was not allowed at that time to work in field but at back foot). It was the gift to the world from the bipolarity.

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