Thursday, December 09, 2010

Humanity in retarded.

Today i received a SMS, which asked me one question "the Brain's role". 
 Could you help to have a satisfied answer??? 

 It was a sports stadium. 8 children were standing on a track to participate in a running event. 
 with the sound of toy pistol, all 8 girls started running. Hardly they covered 10-15 steps, 1 of the smaller girls slipped and fell down, due to pain she started crying, when other seven girls heard her, all stopped running, stood for a while, turn back and ran to the girl. 1 among them gently esquired. All seven girls lifted the fallen girl, pacified her, all seven joined hands together and walked together and reached the winning post. officials were shocked. many eyes were filled with tears.
   It happened recently, the sports event was conducted by the National institute of the mental health Pakistan. The participants were mentally retarded. 
But they teach........ which so called BRAIN holders can't!!!


  1. I've read this story before and each time, I get the same reaction. A warm fuzzy feeling radiating from my heart and cloudy eyes, from tears swelling up in them. Jazak ALLAH Khayr for continuously sharing this story Fahad, my dear friend. This is such a touching, yet educating story that should be shared over and over again. Jazak ALLAH Khayr for sharing it.
    You Sister/new Friend
    Cathie from Fb

  2. What a wonderful story! We can learn a lot from these children, they are closer to God than most of us. Very heart warming story. Thanks Fahad for sharing that. Jeri


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