Thursday, September 09, 2010

Its Eid/what?

Eid which is a holy festival of Islam is getting controversies especially in Pakistan. like in Khyber P.K (a province) people want to do Eid with KSA, and so often it becomes controversial, by having two Eid in Pakistan. same going to be happen this time.
 And this time another situation was also to face, if we go for Eid on Saturday then it is gonna on 9/11 and Americans could have objection that on the date of attacks Muslims are celebrating, and 2nd is if we go on Friday then it is a superstition here because we had lived with Hindu for a long time, that it could be bad sign for the ruler of state (Zardari)

 Though the decision of Eid totally depends on the lunar crescent. as The Islamic calender is on that. But people just do the discussions out of questions. 
we should get out of it. 
I am so thank ful to Allah that he gave us such beautiful system therefore it was to be a big issue for countries like Pakistan.

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