Sunday, November 28, 2010

whose Friendly government & opposition?

The term "Friendly opposition" is so common in Pakistan since the Musharaf's regime. In which the Allie of religious parties was in opposition. But as in new government no change brought in the Pakistan regarding the governance, even it is more bad situation. so same is in the case of the opposition.
 I think the case is not only with the Pakistan. This is in the whole south Asia. When there was planning for the US, to come with forces in Afghanistan, Musharaf coup in Pakistan(Yes i am talking about the 1999), as with out the help of Pakistan, USA is zero in Afghanistan. It was accepted in start too but now with more sound. In India too the government of congress became in power both the times, as it is pro western. In Bangladesh, too Haseena wajid came in power, she is also well known for pro-Indian and western. Though Iran speaks so loudly against USA, but in the case of Afghanistan & Pakistan Iran is helping, not only financially even Iran has many regional interests. Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan's government were never a problem. China is from very start with US, in start due to UN but when china wished to talk to stop war, suddenly in western border of china (Muslim majority province) a movement started so abruptly which put to China again in silent mood. In short the governments & oppositions in all the south Asia are just to fight war of America. Either by joining ISAF/ being front line Allie/ by staying silent. 
 But it is to end now. The good signals are that all the democratic parties have loosed, the believe of people. Which they will pay when US will out of the region. Economic condition and many other weaknesses would not allow to US to help the puppets, as it did in past. 
 There are many theories and prediction for the future of the region. But every one is full of confidence that what ever will be, will be better, because nothing more worse can be.

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