Sunday, October 23, 2011

Every thing has an end...! (Libya, Pakistan & USA)

Mommar Kaddafi (Libyan Leader) killed by funded, armed rebels in this week and as usual got space in all type of existing medias. But the rulers of the world either laughing on it, or they are declaring it a victory or they are in complete silence. Most important is the silence from the Muslim world. Especially want to talk about the Pakistan.
Z.A Bhutto and M. Qaddafi in Lahore

Mommar Qaddafi was one of good friend to Pakistan and helped a lot for its Atomic economic needs. But when his regime was challenged by NATO, Pakistan is in the list of silent cocks. There is a genuine reason that Pakistan is highly engaged in internal crisis and US's war on terror.
But if we observe, the pressure on Pakistan started raising when NATO was to attack on Libya. USA and its allies used all the pressures which they can to engage Pakistan internally and not to talk on Arab Spring and involvement of western allies on it, particularly on Libya. Therefore it was just not possible that Pakistan stay silent about its tested friends. When USA was paving the way to attack on Iraq, Pakistan was in front row to resist/stop it. Now one of its most loyal friend killed and whole region is in high disturbance but world's concentration including Pakistan is on directed  issues. The death game of Osama Bin Ladan also held on that time when Libya was to be attacked. Now this pressure on Pakistan will continue as long USA not completes its goals in the Arab world.
NATO under the leadership of America really played a sharp game but should keep in mind that God, on who they also believe, has a rule of 'Every thing has an End'. An undirected real revolt (Occupy wall street) has been started in America and nature does not change its rules. The rebels from every sector in USA especially from the Armed forces will so soon show the real face of Policy makers to the general people of America.
Long Live Peace... !

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