Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sugar pot society and its future (Pakistani society)

The sugar pot Pakistani Society will get out of all confusions, so soon. Saying as are the symptoms in the field. The Secularists looking on the edge, and just saying what they has been said to say. Even some times they are personally disagree but due to the set said words, they say what they cant prove by any kind of logic. So they use the technique of diversion the topic, clear Lie or amusing the next ideology or person. But as it cant run for a long so would NOT be acceptable for the near coming future. 
But on the other hand the so called extremists or religious/ Islamist are removing all of the obligations on them. They are accepting the wrong deeds by them and even by their forefathers. 
The shared video is a good example of it.


(For understanding the whole theme of the post must watch complete program here).

A totally unbiased analysis. 

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