Sunday, November 06, 2011

Khutba-e-Hajj (Pilgrimage address/Sermon)

Khutba-e-Hajj (sermon/Pilgrimage addresshas great importance in the Hajj (one of the five pillars of Islam). It reminds us the great address of the last holy prophet Mohammad (PBUH) during the Hajj. The address which is also known as the Khutba Hajjatul Wida (Farewell Sermon) is famous for being the 1st Human Right Charter of Human history. In his historic address Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gave full rights to human beings about 1400 years ago.
Mufti-e-Azam (Grand Cleric) of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh in his Khutba-e-hajj on (November 5, 2011)Zul Hijjah 9, 1432  said: killing any innocent is forbidden in Islam and Muslims should respect the rights of other Muslims. Keeping peace in the society is obliged on every member of the society. He urged the Muslims to avoid evil thoughts and action and take guidance from the Holy Quraan and Sunnah as Islam is the solution for the problems. He said that Muslims should be united and they should be mutually helpful.
Sheikh Abdul Aziz said that Shariah guides economic transactions as well and Islam has forbidden interest therefore the business community should try to get rid of its menace. 
Sheikh Aziz said: Muslim governments should prevent crimes, injustice and poverty. They should not use weapons against their own people, instead the rulers should act in accordance with the ShariaHe urged Muslims to solve their problems without interference from their enemies, condemning those who want to provoke hostility between you and your leaders. 
Saudi Arabia’s top cleric said that Islam is facing challenges and divisions and urged Muslims to solve the problems only through peaceful means and dialogue and stay away from the bloodshed. Al Sheik told worshippers, who created a sea of white robes covering the streets and the mountain.
He urged the channels of the Muslim countries to play their role and build character as global media is bent on damaging Muslim society doing cultural invasion and weakening (their) faith. He said the slogan of freedom to which Muslim women are trying to follow is actually misguiding them to vulgarity. He urged Ulema (Muslim scholars) across the world to play their due role in eliminating evils form Muslim societies and propagate true teachings of Islam through media and other modern means.
The Al Sheikh said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had formed a society which was free of all discriminations  like sectarianism, racialism, nationalism and other biased behaviors. It is responsibility of the Muslim to preach virtue and forbid wrong and unlawful conduct which is super quality of the Muslims.
Shedding light on the importance of hajj, he said that it cleanses all evils that a man commits in his lifetime.


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