Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Exemplary-Exemplary (Pak-US relations)

Every one would be shocked or at least impressed by watching such beautiful and impressive relations between the two countries. Especially if these are between the Pak and USA.


Though such relations (Shown in the video) are not rare in international relations, even in this modern age Pakistan and US too have beautiful relations with different countries of the world. But the video is really though provoking. This is totally opposite than the current situation of the relations (between Pak & USA). The two nations which are Ally but can't trust on each other, makes the viewer to think. These both had been the Ally in many fronts and challenges in the history, the best of example of which was Afghan Jihad against the USSR invasion.
The relations between the Pakistan and USA are at most crucial stage. As they had been the best example of International Relations could stand at the worst example of trustlessness in history of the world politics.

But at the same time its an important issue to think for the thinkers; 'Why they became the worst example from the best example'.

Think and Give your views please!

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  1. Yes dear, I think it is very sad how both our countries have declined since the 60's. Corrupt leaders on both sides have eroded both our situations and I don't foresee a solution for years to come.

    The world desperately needs men and women of honor to lead, then and only then can nations succeed in building relationships of trust! I would love to know how you think our two countries could restore that relationship.

    Thank you Fahad for sharing this historical film!!


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