Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Peace Talk (Youth for Culture of Peace)!

The writing bellow was written to speak on "Peace", in a Seminar held in University of Gujrat, Pakistan. The seminar was followed by the course "Peace Talks for Conflict Resolution" under Ingeborg Breines (Vice President IPB) as Lecturer from the Norway.

Before me, you guys were listening to four different sections of the society (Religious scholars, Journalists, Politicians and Civil Society) which were talking about their professional roles in building culture of Peace in this world. By following the program format, me too, will talk a littel about the 'roles and responsibilities' of the young people. As majority of the attendees in this seminar hall are from this age group so it is quite importat task for me to make all, understand and come up for the said cause.

Dear audiance, Youth is more than 60% of total 180M population of Pakistan but ufortunately it is in the silent majority and this silence is because of the heavy weight of apathy and ignorance in them. Though there is also an unhelthy image of the youth but it is also in our responsibilities to remove that tag from us.
We have to play our role in transforming Culture of Conflict into Culture of Peace and for  this purpose young people have to be dedicated, peaceful in themself and should have thinking mind and productive knowledge. Now in this interdependant world the role of youth also has been changed from very small community to at the world level. The youth of world is deeply connected and playing their positive and active role in promoting cuture of Peace, as much as they can. We, the pakistani youth also have to come up and remove all kind of discriminations which are reasons of conflict in this modern world. Now this world can't run by discriminating on the basis like nationalism, racism, ethniscism etc.
Friends, we have to Promote those examples and appreciate them which are for the Peace, rather to them, which caused conflicts in the society. Another important step which we Youngsters have to take is; engagement with the public policy discussions. We should not be blind followers of our leaders because so often it cause unrest in the society.
The role of the youth is very immediate. The privileged young people, like we, who are attending this seminar should spread our privileges to our society. In the return we can arrange peace educatin programs, youth peace seminars and training to solve the conflicts on tables rather than in battle fields. Or at least we can start awareness campaigns by Face to Face talks in which we make our young fellows to think beyond their pocket/self interests because it paves the way toward injustice and lather conflict in the society.
By doing all this, we will not only remove the unhealthy image of the youth but will also contribute alot for culture of peace in this world. Here, we need to keep one thing in our mind that only a proper and organized work can bring some change in the Human society, so we should start and join such platform where we can add some productive work for our surroundings.
At the end of this talk, i would like to leave, all of you, with a food for thought: "Right now we are just noble citizen of this world but many of us will be the Leader of future world, 'Are you Ready and Trained For That"'
Thank You!

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