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Palestine and Dual policy of UNO

Palestine is a holy land for many religions especially for the Muslims (being the land of the 1st Qiblah), for the Christian (being birth place of Hazrat Essa (AS)/(Jesus(PBUH)), and for the Jews (being birth place of Mussa (AS)/ Moses (PBUH)).
UNO, introduction and back ground:
United Nations Oganization (UNO) was established just after the 2nd world war. Though the work on it has started during the war, but the given date is 24th of October 1945. Before of it another organization named 'League of Nations' was working (formed in 1919) but was unable to sustain peace in the world. Within the next 19 years of its (LON) establishment 2nd world war started in 1939.
The main purpose behind all such international organizations was always to sustain peace and then provide collective security to the nations. In short the purpose in making such organization was to save mankind from those untold sorrows which were given by two major wars in the 20th century. As well as develop mankind socially and economically with freedom, strength, and positive use of international machinery.
UNO also promised to sustain international peace, security and promote social progress and better standards of human life but when we see the history of UNO we found that it is also unable to fulfil them. There are many reasons but the major ones are its dual policies devised in the interest of USA and such big/influencial powers e.g Israel, India and Russia.
History of Palestine Conflict:
The Palestine issue/conflict started in 1897, when world Zionist organization was formed by Theodore Herzl in Basle (Switzerland) to establish the Jewish state. They started work by purchasing the best agricultural land of Palestine. For this purpose they took money from the banks and offered financial aid to the Palestinian farmers on interest.
It is historical truth that Muslims gave secuity to the Jews (in 2nd world war) but in response they got deceive by them. Zionists group (a particular extremist christian and Jew group) got help by British empire to establish Jewish homeland in Palestine. It was an official support and on record that on 2nd of November 1917 Lord Balfour (Foreign minister UK) committed with the leaders of the Zionist organization to establish Israel in Middle-East (Palestine). After the Balfour declaration the gap between the Arabs Muslims and Jews reached on its peak and turned into violence. When the British empire was unable to solve/control the situation it called UNO to see the matter.
UNO made a committee on Palestine “United Nation's Special Committee on Palestine” (UNSCOP) with 11 members in that. Here 1st crime was made by the organization, the committee which was made by the UNO was of those members which had no knowledge of the issue.
The committees after its study submitted a report to UNO on 31st of August 1947, in which they suggested that:
1: Partition of Palestine in two Arab and Jew nations.
2: Demolishing British Mandate on Palestine.
3: Putting Jerusalem under international mandate.

In result UNO passed its 181st resolution on November 29, 1947 in which Palestine was divided in two states. It was never be acceptabel for the Arabs (including Muslims, Christians and a few Jews as well) so it paved the way for violence, war, and destruction of peace in the Middle East. It was done by USA and UK in which, there were, their two main interests:
1: Kicking the Jews out of Europe because they always hated them and were blamed for 2 world wars in the Europe.
2: To have control over the oil resources in the Middle East.
Arabs never accept the imposed decision of the international lobbies and are still fighting for their rights and independent state. Later, to have control over the Arab resistance Jews started making terrorist organizations and even did suicide attacks in Arab populations to eliminate them from their own home-lands. 1st such organization "Hagana" was made in 1920. Hagana's soldiers got armed training from British army and a few soldiers who has been in the fighting against Turks (Caliphate/Khlafat) and Germans in 2nd world war later made IDF (Israeli Defence Force). Many others were Irgum, zevai, Kach, Stern Gang etc. All these worked to kill innocent people of Palestine or made them to drive away.
Against these acts Palestinians also made some organizations like Al-Fatah in 1957, Palestinian libration organization (PLO) 1964, Al-Hamas 1987 (founder Sheikh Ahmad Yaseen), and Hezbollah 1988. These all are working for the freedom of occupied Palestinian land.
An important thing to note is that armed resistance by Palestinians started under “Intifada Almubarka” in December 1987, before of that there was no arm movement by the civil Palestinians. It worked till Oslo agreement between Al-Fatah, PLO and Israel in 1993, But on the visit of Jerusalem by Ariel Sharoan the movement started again in the year 2000. During the first 6 years of Intifada Palestinians got the loss of 1540 Palestinians killed, 1,30,000 injured and 1,16,000 putted behind the bars.
War History and UNO's dual policy:
Till today Israel had 4 major wars and many minor armed conflicts with the resisting groups of Palestine and surrounding Arab states. The 1st war was started just after the announcement of two nation states by UNO. It was not acceptable to the Arabs and the conflict got more fire due to the unequal distribution of the land. Israel which was 1/3rd of the population got more than 50% of the Palestinian land (5,700 square miles). On that time (1948) Jews were living only at 6% of the Palestinian land but were allotted 57% of the total. UNO gave just 43% (4,300 square miles) to the 2/3rd living majority (Muslims and Christians) of the state. Further injustice was that Israel was given Fertile and coastal belt of the distributed Palestine while Palestinians were given infertile and land locked areas of the country. All these injustices started 1st Arab-Israel war but Arabs were defeated by fully equipped (USA and UK's modern weapons) Israeli forces. Later Israel occupied 77% of land which was more than the 57% allotted land by the UNO's commission. Out of 585 Palestinian villages, Israel demolished 478, in result of this destruction 9,00,000 (out of 13,00,000) inhabitant displaced from their living places. Israel in its 1st war killed thousands of innocent children, women and men, as well. 
The 2nd war took place in 1956 in which Israel captured whole SINAI including the island of Tiran in the Gulf of Aqaba in 4 days.
In both wars we found complete silence from the UN.
The 3rd war was broken out on 5th of June, 1967 when Egypt stopped Israeli ship to cross strait of Tiran in the Gulf of Aqaba. Israel invaded and destroyed war heads and citadels (shelter places of displaced peoples) in Jordan, Syria and Egypt. It captured Sinai Peninsula, Golan heights of Syria, and a part of Jerusalem in response of Great resistance against the invasion. When Israel was fortifying its strategies UN was in the complete silence. In the 3rd war a situation came when Israel was encamped in Arab territories, and the position of Arabs was getting strong. But before of that the Arabs could get some advantage of the situation, UN announced CEASEFIRE. In the war thousands of Egyptian, Syrian and Jordan soldiers were Martyred and 3.3 Million Palestinians were driven away from there houses.
4th major war was fought in 1973 when most of the Arab countries fought under the Egyptian Army. This time Arabs were much stronger than the Israel and when Israel realized that UNO again announced a Ceasefire. But even then UNO does not realize its moral duty to force Israel to leave the Arab territories which were occupied during the 1948-1967 (more than the alloted land). Even no economic sanctions were imposed on Israel on its continual aggression against the innocent unarmed Palestinians. Either it was due to USA/any else but Palestinians and Arabs are thrown at front of Israel to be harmed by her and commit heinous crimes and barbarous acts against poor Palestinians.
Apart by these 4 full fledge wars, 5th one was not between Arab and Israel, it was between a group PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and Israeli forces. PLO was supported by Lebanese national movement and IDF (Israel defense force) was supported by Lebanese Christian community “Phalangistis”in 1982. The war resulted as the surrender of PLO but later Israel killed innocent citizens of  Lebanon and Palestine by bombing for many days on them. At the end of this group war Israel attacked on refuge camps "Sabra and Shatilla" on 16th and 17th September of 1982. Here again UNO stayed quiet. Israel occupied southern Lebanon and the occupation was kept till 2000 when Hezbollah’s fighters retreated Israeli forces from the area.
The attack of Israel on Lebanon was the reason of resistance in Labanon and founding of Hezbollah group. Later it caused two heavy conflicts between Hezbollah and Israel {(in 2000 and 2006 (started on the basis of two captured Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah)}. In both wars (2000 and 2006) Lebanon (as a country) faced a huge destruction including the killing of thousands of its citizens. UNO stayed almost silent/act less in the whole scene and enjoyed the barbarous act by the Israeli forces.
Another dual policy came at front when Mahmud Abbas (president of Palestine) dissolved the Palestinian elected assembly on 26th of September 2008. The action was taken due to the western conspiracy against the democrcratically elected governmnet of Hamas in the Gaza strip. As it was an elected Government by the Palestinian people so it clearified that western governments like democracy only for their own states not for the rest of the world. Western Governments just work to fulfill their interests, does not matter they are being by a dictator/democratic Government. It was also said that US congress paid 59 Million Euros to diplomat in Israel to empower Al-Fatah against the most popular group/party Al-Hamas (the group which is serious in solving refugees problems and struggling more hard to create an independent state of Palestine) in the recent past.
In 2008 once again Israel invaded Palestine {(Gaza (also called world's largest prison)} on the basis of rocket attacks (in Israel) by Al-Hamas. In which Israel killed thousands of innocent school children, policemen, and destroyed almost whole Gaza by Air strikes. Even in this war Israel attacked on the UN's refugee camp.
Israel has sealed all borders of Gaza and all kind of utilities has been stopped to reach in the area. It is causing unlivable harsh life for the people living over there. But there is still no concrete solution or help for the Palestinian people.
Now kind hearted people of the world (especially from the Europe, Canada and Muslim countries) have started "Freedom Flotilla Campaigns" in which they are sending basic necessities (Food, milk, medicine etc) for the people living in the world's largest prison. But the Israeli forces are not allowing even to the humanitarian aid to be reached at its target area. All the Flotillas has been attacked by the Israeli forces and UNO is still at its doing-less status.
Now world Media including the Muslims', is silent on the worst situation of Palestine because that is busy in entertaining its audiance.
At the end we can conclude that the Role of  UNO and world Media organizations is inactive/biased for the Muslim world. There have been a few claims by the UNO like Timor, Sudan and a few others but in them the actual target were the Muslims, so the decissions making was very fast and imposing. These are the causes that are incereasing aggression in Muslim Youth especially against the governments of USA, rest of the western world and even against the Muslim rulers. The Palestine issue is on the table since 1948, Kashmir since 1947, Chechnya since 1991 and now many others has been putted up after 9/11 (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc).
How the Palestine issue can be solved if USA do veto to resolutions against Israel (the right of Veto has been used by the American government more than the 30 times for Israel just beeween the 1970-1990). In response of these deceives Al-Hamas started its armed resistance against Israel in 1987 but was tagged a terrorist organization. Since the occupation no collective security has been provided to the Palestine and no economic sanctions has been imposed on Israel. Therefore there are many examples of economic sanctions by the UNO against the aggressors/felt to become aggressive. These are the acts which shows how biased the world's peace keepers are. And if any Palestinian group/leader stands against the barbarism of Israel, Israel killed him/her (Sheikh Ahmad Yasin) or  prisoned under the shade of Islamic terrorism. UNO is seeing all the naked pictures of killings but doing nothing out of words/aid, which also has been stopped now.
How world could secure its future generaions if it kept following the biased attitude towards a big community of its population. It is impossible to make INJUSTICE and PEACE live together. These factors are the actual terrorists and the actors of these will have to answer for that.


  1. Fahad, well done.
    You mentioned here that "Partition of Palestine helped Britain and America to get control over the oil resources of Middle East." I want to ask you, How it helped them...?

  2. its old saying divide and rule, and this division was not actual division in own-self(they divided land not nation here like other parts of World) but they planted a nation in Arabs, by kicking them out from Europe, and by supporting them they are easy to control over resources, just by diverting their concentration.
    hope so ur answer, any i am glad to have ur question.
    thanks for reading.


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