Saturday, December 07, 2013

Nelson was not his real name

Do you know that Nelson Mandela's real first family given name was not Nelson? The guy who fought and got justice for the black people of the South Africa and became a symbol of non-violent successful movement in the world and to whom we are appreciating for his life long struggle against apartheid will remembered with the name which is a memory of apartheid regime.

Actually in Africa under the influence of British Colony it was the custom that the teachers used to name the students in English BECAUSE the African names were difficult to call upon. So Madiba (name of his clan) son was given the name "Nelson" by his teacher Miss. Mdingane. His real name was Rolihlahla but I don't think majority of the hymn singing world is aware of it.

Its over to you that how you take it positively by saying that he never asked for himself but fought for the justice in world or pessimistically by saying that the injustice remains and moulds the people in the way that wants. But no one can refuse that Madiba's son will be remembered for his 95 years services for humanity!

Nelson Mandela/ Rolihlahla Madiba by Benadia
Source: Mandela Foundation

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