Saturday, September 18, 2010

Higher education in Pakistan is under threat.

 The government is saying from very start that this time economic crisis could harm to all departments, but this lie was caught when the the news of increasing budget of President house, Prime minister house, parliament, etc came out. These luxurious houses are already a burden over the Pakistan. and if last government (This was the only appreciable act by them) made the department of HEC under Prof. DR. Atta-ur-Rehman who performed too good, and under which supervision higher education of Pakistan started providing some benefits(which even threatened to India (Read 2nd last paragraph of link "praise of higher education commission")), is facing problem from new democratic government, under its 1st economic year they cut down  22.4 Billion Rs. and now in 2nd cutting more and that also not paid yet.

2006-2007(last Govt): Rs 33.4 billion.

2009-2010(new Govt): Rs 18.5 billion (only 11 billion was released).

2010-2011: Rs 15.7 billion (not released to date)

 This created problem for the scholarship holders but as the spirit of Pakistani nation and Youth they did not came back but preferred to complete its education, by begging in their youth age. (we solute to them)
  And when HEC and VC,s of Universities asked for money because now it was getting difficult to run such huge institutes, they were told that they could “save” by raising tuition fees, cutting down on scholarships and selling or leasing their properties.
 The Vice Chancellors of 72 Major institutes have said if fund will not be issued they will resign, and lock the universities.
 The salaries already not paid, the teachers unions already threatening to go on strikes. 
 and Finance minister saying country is facing the economic crisis HEC too have to share it.
 Here the answer for him decrease the budget of President house, parliament, prime minister house, and number of ministers which is highest in world.

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