Wednesday, August 11, 2010

one thought for paksitan. (Managament)

     World,s greatest educator (Professor) Mohammad (SAWW) make his companions world,s best leader, Manager, Warrior, Ruler, etc. which ruled over the world and add their great contribution in all fields. either its of Ruling, management, law making, education, science, etc. and they (Khulfa) were able to deliver services due the good advices of their cabinet which was also a part of the that batch.
 once One adviser of Hazrat Ali (RA),s shura (cabinet) said Why you are not successful to control the system like Abu bakar (RA) and Ummar (RA). He replied very beautifully, because their adviser were us and my advisers are you.
 America is much like this he is also utilizing his best educators to run the  system, (Governmental affairs), the university professors. And result we can see..........
 but In Pakistan the story is totally different, 1st we have the ministers which are fake degree holder, and more is that we have advisers for different fields which have no idea of that field.  like Mr Khossa became the adviser of IT to prime minister.Though he has no idea in IT, he is the man of Law.

 We can,t ignore to any field to develop Pakistan, but in all fields the development can only at one condition, we have to appoint Top professors of universities as the adviser. which can guide to our fake degree holder. i think by this way, we can be successful, in all fields. By having good management, through educators.
 is it not???


  1. Sorry i did with out permission, but i did bcz i found u always active in this field.


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