Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let him Die.

 General pervez Musharaf. Ex President of Pakistan, 
  At least till now his repute is so bad in Pakistan society, we can divide in 3 categories
1: which hate him 
2: which just have no comments
3:  which likes him
 1st category is that in which hate him due to his many controversial actions like Lal MAsjid, Waziristan Operation, collation with USA in War against terrorism, to which he and even new government saying is our war but it is not. these are in mass number.
 2nd category is that which just dont want to hear his name either they have no interest in politics/ they are just tired from this system, or you can say they are not much aware but even then they dont like to hear his name. they are below to 1st category in number.
 3rd category is of those which though that what ever he did was in favor of country. and they like his slogan "sab sey pehlay Pakistan" and these people too dont have any explanation to defend him. these are such few we even can count them.

 The problem which is in my mind is that then why our media is not letting him die, why, while media says that "he was dictator, harmed to media etc etc. why media is reporting about him, his small actions and its reporting are making him to be part of Pakistan politics. did it happen ever before that a dictator participated in politics after leaving the power chair. 
 what you say???? if not Y he is!!!

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