Tuesday, July 27, 2010

US secret leaked

 90,000 secret documents has been leaked on Internet WIKILEAKS.
  The news is getting more attention than any other from last two days, i am not gonna say there that its failure of US, like they are unable to catch Usama, etc. now every body knows that how much they are capable to do any thing rather than propagating things.
 killing to innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq. especially to women, children. one report of attack on school Bus in Afghanistan. and such other which are saying about the failures of the Afghan war. many missions which were against the Taliban leaders, etc.
 But most important parts of the leaks are about Pakistan and its Armed forces and intelligence agency.
 ISI (inter services Intelligence) planned to kill Kaizai ( Afghan president), attack on NATTO Planes, mixing of poison in beer of Allies soldiers, attack on Indian consulates in Afghanistan, providence of motorcycles to Haqani group for suicide attacks on Allies etc.

 the analyzer are saying that USA wants to end the war so its final turn is in Pakistan. to fulfill its agendas, they have many plans, like to divide Pakistan, to have way for pipe line, through central Asian states>Afghanistan> Baluchistan>Arabian sea.
 So these reports and the events from last month are saying some thing else rather what is being propagated by USA.
 Here whole responsibility is on the shoulders of Pak Army, 
 May Allah protect us and Bless us with Victory Aaamin.

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