Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Holbrook & Cameron

By having in view to the continual policies of the US for Pakistan, they are continuously aggressive. Especially when we see by their think tanks the issuance of new maps of the Pakistan. the media,s role. Harsh wording by state departments and other officials. And especially the appointment of two such person which are famous in breaking and division are creating many questions in the mind of Pakistanis.
 Yes i am talking about the Richard Holbrook who perform a vital role in division of Yugoslavia, and known as the master of state division. Second is Cameron Munter, who just appointed as the new ambassador for Pakistan. Has repute of tough talker. And world analyst known him for the sect war in Iraq, as he had been there as deputy chief of mission in Iraq. In Pakistan also the attacks on holy shrines are going on, which is causing and giving signs of sect war in Pakistan too. 
Munter,s meeting with media and saying that he will use media to make public opinion in favor of DRONE is also questionable. Same way used before the Swat operation. Media played its role to start that, and then it happened in Swat (its separate talk it was good/ bad).
 All these signs are not favorable for the friendship of Pak & US.

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  1. Fahad you are doing a great job. I like this one article, very direct and to the point.


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