Sunday, June 20, 2010

Come back.

After 20th may 2010 a huge number of Muslims stopped using face book. its due to their Love for Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW). some countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh & Dubai take governmental action against it and they banned face book in country for a short period. Which lossed them a lot. The ban was taken off on 1st June by Government of Pakistan. But a huge quantity is still not using it because they think that face book is responsible for it. In a sense they are right because the page on face book was from about 2 months but even after many reports not removed. though it is so common to remove the page by 50 reports, but the page which started competition of draw cartoon of Mohammad (SAWW) was not removed and at last the aggression was at front of the world. A Turkish hacker hacked the page, and remove all the data which was posted there. just after of that action from whole over the world a cyber war was started against the western sites. But many Pakistani are till now resisting by boycott Facebook. 
      I dont say that they are wrong/ right. But if we go deep in its affects we will found that by doing this we are showing:
1: We can,t compete with west.
2: We are helpless to save our lovely Prophet,s dignity.
3: we have sense to harm you economically by harming own self educationally.
4: We are sense less and in emotions we can harm us blindly.
5: we are unable to do our defense boldly. 
6: We are fulfilling the agenda of west.
7: And teaching to our younger cowardliness.

 If you had not compete then start it right now and where they are arranging the competition to draw cartoon you arrange competition to show reality ( real face)
If you are not Ilm deen shaheed to stop by hand then at least become to stop with tongue. but not last condition which is feel bad in heart. which is showing you are in last stage of faith.(Hadith)
facebook which is a wide and largest social networking site to have knowledge, and be aware with our surroundings, by boycotting it like this is not such a good style which shows that we are not interested in knowledge though it is well Islamic saying "get knowledge from any where, from any one, its loosed heritage of Muslim."  its not important who is saying but is that what he is saying. So come back join it start campaign to let the world know about Mohammad (SAWW). and defense boldly. either like ILM Deen Shahhed/ with tongue/ Pen. and dont become a puppet to play in others hands, and harm ur self. be thinker and by understanding the agenda of west which can be to check ur myth (in which countries Muslims are sleeping) & what they can do?/ it can be to make you cut from the sources of knowledge/ any else. and leave a followable lesson for our children. which should bravery not cowardliness.  i am agree that economical loss is biggest loss for west but this can be shown by other ways by boycotting other products which are not much important/ just luxurious. 
One more thing during the off days there were many sites in advertisements which were made against the facebook to compete it. but the names were like,, etc. which shows that we are going to be limited. with Pakistan/ ummat. but Islam is the only religion and it was only which have no boundaries. which teach us to spread on earth and by following it, Islam was on top for longest time. because our forefathers fight boldly. 
And i want to say to my dear molvi hazraat, please unite the ummah not divide them (even  against the cartoons molvi were out of mosques under their sect flags rather than a Muslim flag). 
and dear friends dont follow to those molvis which are in reality against the re-standing of Islam. and they are stopping you to get knowledge. these are those which played negative role in Pakistan movement and on many other times. They said to Quaid-e-azam kafir-e-azam, and kafir to Iqbal as well even more to Sir syed Ahmad Khan who was an educationists was blamed British agent. because he always promote to western scientific knowledge for progress, and english to understand that.
So Dear friends come back and call to others as well.

Fahad Shahzad Waraich

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