Friday, February 04, 2011

Revolution/New game?

Since the suicide attempt by a Tunisian Graduate, Arab world is in change. Even the change reached to the Russia. But the speed and spreading is saying some thing else. especially in the matter of Egypt it is getting transparent. Next candidate Albaradi who had been the head of IAEA is going next puppet of Big Powers, to save their interests. 
The Change is not internal, it is again external, as had been before in 1980s'. Though the powers are saying we will support to the people but actually playing at the back of puppets now too, but changing the faces. 
Due to many factors like unemployment, corruption, external intervention, Israel's role and USA's support etc. the youth of the region was in the condition to abrupt any time like volcano. That was not going to be in the favor of the big powers. Because they have interests in the region. They want to stay here.So to stop that revolution, this externally but internal revolution is designed. 
But there is another thing, this time it is not gonna as simple as it had been. If The people will not understand now and will accept the externally designed change. After a short interval will understand and will stand again. Then that will be actual and genuine revolution. Which will kick to all the puppets. That will not only reach to the Russian but to whole world. 
Wish it soon....

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  1. I partly agree on above said thesis but before analyse the situation we should understand some sociological aspects of social change and as well as revolution which is an extreme type of social change there is no any social change occurred in the world ever which is designed and its consequences also controlled before the revolution,we can take examples of industrialization is designed but global warming is its consequence.


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