Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hidden Plans.

Though current government of Pakistan is facing/ has created bundle of problems, and so boldly lying and facing. But now so often it looks like that it was preplanned, and what ever is going on is good for them because their agenda was same. The government came into being through NRO (a Black Law), then sent out to a coward, lier, cruel, dictator with full protocol, fake degree cases, lack of law and order, no fulfilling judicial orders, making fun of poor people by ministers(the Flood victims should go for picnic for some days etc), corruption which is uncountable, senselessness. etc etc. and paving way for Army/ a foreign attack, to control nukes, and all assets. 
 Like an anchor was saying that"one minister of last government was saying, in last time of  his period, NRO and upcoming government, will for a very short period, and then .................
  And all of this is happening.
But dont know Why we still have hope that "Patt jarr k baad aayen gay din bahaar k" (every autumn has a following spring)


  1. great post. keep up the good work fahad.

  2. pewasta reh shajar se umeede bahar rakh


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