Friday, March 04, 2011

Re-Think America....

Hussain Haqqani (Pakistan's Ambassador in USA) shot two innocent American young bikers, and another American is killed by the car which was coming to escape Haqqani from the spot. This car crossed the road divider and was on wrong side. After killing these three innocents, Pakistan is asking for diplomatic immunity.
 Isn't breaking news like 9/11 attacks??? "A MUSLIM KILLED THREE INNOCENT AMERICANS". 
But it is not, because this is just a very short designed dramatic scene. To make the people understand the case of Raymond Davis.
The real situation is an American under-cover contractor killed three innocent Pakistanis in  a populated area of Lahore. However, the interesting thing is that America, even President Obama is asking for the diplomatic immunity. A diplomat who is not registered as diplomat in Pakistan, to whom 1st American consulate in Lahore declared a member of their technical staff, then just one day later Embassy in Islamabad declared him the consultant to the Embassy in Islamabad. He is not having any record as diplomat in Foreign office.  
 In fact once before, he has been kicked out from Pakistan because he was found in dubious activities. His residence was not in consulate/ embassy but in a domestic area, where his neighbors commented on him; "so often we found him while climbing on the high walls, doing tough exercises like commandos".
 When the world was signing the Vienna Conventions, of course they never thought and wished to give immunity to the killers because they are diplomats. 
If we look at the history of diplomatic immunity, it records that such grave crime never happened as this American under-cover agent did. Once in America a registered Diplomat of Georgia was PUNISHED because he killed to a girl by his car while he was drunk. He was punished and did not entertained with any kind of diplomatic immunity. Though he was diplomat and was not involved any grave crime. He was just responsible for an accident.
Police putting Raymond in van.
But Raymond is not a registered diplomat in foreign office of Pakistan and if for a few seconds we do agree that he is a diplomat. Why was not having any record in foreign office? What was a diplomat doing with the loaded unlicensed gun, investigating gadgets, camera, and many other objectionable equipments? What was he doing in a populated area?? Why was a resident of domestic area, out of embassy/consulate?? Where is the record of  his old posts? In which countries had he served before? Is his physique is of a civil servant?? Now Russian and Pakistani Intelligence agencies also have exposed the mission of Raymond which are not ignorable. 
On the other hand how can we ignore that he committed a grave crime. According to Geneva convention there is no immunity for consulates if involved in such grave crime. 
There is also the excuse that he shot in the self defense. The police investigated and made it clear that it was not in self defense. It was clear murder. Raymond shot them on their backs from inside the car. No weapon was found in the hands of Pakistani bikers. The eye witnesses also refused to the claim of self defense or robbery. One of the poor guys tried to run but Raymond came out of the car emptied his magazine on the poor guy, made VIDEO and then Raymond tried to ran from the spot, but now people came forward stopped him and called the police. The case is in court but he is not cooperating with the investigation agencies. It will cause problems to him. 
 Then Senator Kerry came to the Pakistan and apologized and even offered money as reward to the families. But they refused and asked for the Blood. When the family did not find any proceeding in the case, one of the widow (wife of one killed) committed suicide and asked for revenge on TV screen (these were her last words). Then America tried to pressurize by saying; America will stop aid to Pakistan and many different ways. Here one more important thing is that, the case was not on main stream media as it should be in America. 
On the other hand America gave punishment of 86 years to an innocent lady the Dr.Aafia. And asking immunity for a killer.Obama should remind the saying of Luther king  "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice every where". 
Now if you analyze the American position on their hollow threats. Nothing Americans can do, As usual America needs Pakistan more than the Pakistan needs America. American total aid in war against terrorism will be 17 Billion (included all since 9/11). While Pakistan has lost more than 47 Billions in war against terrorism and the casualties more than 30,000, while the injured are more than the double and displaced in millions so this aid is not more than a peanut. Keep in mind that America is fueling Iraq and Afghan wars with 4 Billion in a week. 
How `can American ignore the regional situation? If Pakistan will just stop the American supply line, America will come to the apologizes again. America not even will unable to get back his soldiers from Afghanistan. Pakistan is not alone, China and Arabs are always at the back. The real friends, not selfish. They always come to the people supported the nation not rulers. This American nature of supporting infamous rulers also will count in the fall of America.  
Once late Holbrook asked to a Pakistani politician "how to remove the trust deficit?" Here is the answer; America should read all the pages with the same eyes. America should make decisions according to the ground reality, should not impose decisions which are not acceptable any time to any one. justice with the family of killed Pakistanis and release of Aafia siddique can help to remove the trust deficit between America and Pakistan. America should pressurize India to solve Kashmir dispute, should take out the forces from Afghanistan and Iraq and should stop illegal support to Israel for the global peace.


  1. Well, I may not always agree with your opinion Fahad,however, I must give you credit for being a good writer!


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