Thursday, December 30, 2010

Social sciences and 3rd world.

In this Global village where the Humans are connected via cables/ wireless networks, the Human is not free to travel and do study but in a limited way. This divided world needs, borderless state. Where every citizen is free to move any where, where he/ she wants.
 In the developed countries the policy maker institutes, Think tank and many scholars do the work of policy making, analyzing etc. But in the developing the research work is either on basic sciences or very low in the social sciences. No country especially in the Asia, out of a few is still putting concentration on it. Though this is more important than any other work in the society.
 The role of Scholars, Universities is very important in it. But the political system and the educational system which it self designed by the corrupt political system, is not freeing to the institutes and Scholars to do some for the society at the broader level. The Scholars of every society do the work but the opportunities makes the differences for its benefit. If they have access to the mass media, mass resources, they can serve at high level. But if at individual or at a very low rate group level, then the benefit of course will be of that level. 
The world is not only divided in the geographical territories but as well as in the thinking. To stop this division further, we have to go back at that level when the world was not divided. All the cultures were familiar with each other there was not the threat of "The clash of civilization".
 The 3rd World/ the developing countries have to do some in the field of the social sciences, in the policy making. They have to change their education system, at any cost. They have to put up in priorities to the policy study. Then they will be in the balance with the developed countries. May be that will erase to the lines and colors of the world atlas. 

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