Friday, July 23, 2010

Richie rich Pakistan kay Richie Rich awam, oar Richie rich awam kay bekaari hukmraan

       Pakistan,s richness have not doubt in whole world, if any body has doubt over it, can google it.if then he has then he should go through history so that he can understand invaders go there where is wealth.

To prove Pakistani,s richness (which is most important part of this post) i am going to share with you guys is: 
 Pakistan became the south Asia,s most expensive country for essential food items. which means that we Pakistani are the richest in region, that is why we are buying and eating. therefore do u think its possible for poor to buy and survive :) 

But unluckily we have beggar rulers, the word beggar meaning here is a person who "Asks to obtain free" does not matter he already has or not. but he asks. and our rulers are fit in this definition, i hope OXFORD will think to edit meaning of BEGGAR "Pakistani Rulers", as they have edited the meaning of extremist "Islamic fundamentalist"

 Fahad Shahzad.

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