Monday, August 02, 2010

Pakistan under disasters

 when ever we have any disaster in Pakistan often my friends out of Pakistan ask me by doing messages how is condition? ground facts? etc. same thing happened after flood in Pakistan.and my answer was yes we have another disaster in Pakistan, actually we have bundle of disasters, try to keep us remember in prays.
 about flood guys i wanna share with you guys a news, just a few month ago i was reading an article in Nawa-i-waqt (Pakistan,s 2nd top newspaper). The article was by a water expert, who was showing with facts that in future due to many dams India can play with us. We are totally on her mercy.
 He was saying that just by fulfilling his requirements, (or on that time when he can cause us difficulty to stop/ control it) at any time India will open water with out any alarm/ announcement (as is his historical record). and our country shall have flood, and just by watching the news the whole article was in front of me as practical.
 i was discussing it with my Baba jan and he simply said that what you can expect from ur enemy???

 please Pakistan try to understand, we need dams, which can save us from such disasters, it is also a news that our few so called nationalist parties are getting money to stop dam production is Pakistan. we are divided on political bases, the base which is reason to unite here in Pakistan is reason to divide.
 Engineers are saying it will not cause any water shortage in sindh/ disaster in sarhad. but our fake degree holders are more aware about the facts???
 Please Pakistan this is the last time stand or die.

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