Monday, September 13, 2010

Kashmir to solution.

India should read the writing on the wall and take step to resolve the dispute forever. 
This Eid posted a clear message to Delhi that Kashmiri people are not going to bear more slavery. A huge uncontrolled rally after the prayer of Eid, in Srinagar, which was non-violent but in response of tear gas shells, firing became a violent one and became a uncontrolled rally. Which later burnt one official Building and one police station too.
 Though the issue is as old as division of sub-continent, and from that time it is in UN, and still not solved due to irresponsible behavior of world,s largest democracy, and biased attitude of U NO (United No).  but now from a few Years it became internationalized by open and aggressive call of kashmiri people of self determination, and the rally on this Eid put oil on fire, that Indian PM called for all party conference. 
 Though all these are old acts had been done before too, but now due to open involvement of kashmiri people, as compare to before, and almost very low support from Pakistan, (about which World before thought that all in Kashmir is actually by Pakistan, but now understanding to issue). and many others symptoms are giving signal of solution.
 we wish for it.

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