Monday, September 13, 2010

Real Democratic Turkey.

On 12th of September 2010 the people of turkey allowed its government to do amendment in constitution by voting in a referendum, 58% Turkish approved its elected government to do it. It is a big change in secular democratic Turkey in a good way.
 This action has started a new debate in west, especially in US, and EU. Because the Leading party in Turkey is pro Islamic, and as Turkey was the center of Ottoman Umpire (Last caliphate). And more interesting thing here is that Turkey is a old applicant to be part of EU, but not approved yet. but now after of a long disappointment they have allowed to its government to change the constitution in which their priority will be to stop the Army to inter vain in government. As it is constitutional right of the Turkish Army since Atta Turk, to take over the offices if they feel there is some threat to the secularism of Turkey, which is anti-democratic. but now the people of Turkey got their real democratic right. 
 Addressing supporters of his ruling justice and development party (AK-party), at its headquarters in Istanbul after preliminary vote counts had concluded, Mr. Erdogan said that Turkey had passed a "historic threshold" by backing the reforms.
Erdogan said,"Supporters of military intervention and coups are the losers tonight,"  

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