Monday, November 01, 2010

Privatization of Religion/ Secularism.

 Secularism/ Privatization of religion means limitation of God in daily life matters. It is, to worship God as you want, but no guideline from His given path. Or refuse it by saying; 'He said nothing about them'. And because humans are much sensible and advanced now so they can decide, and solve their problems. They do not need any guideline from the path given by God in His books(Torah, Zabur, Bible & Quran).

 If we check history, from where this concept came? We will found that this concept of privatization came into being by European emperors. The reasons behind it were a lot of additions by Christian priests. However this concept got more and more attraction of common people with the passage of time, and at last became 1st brick of this modern secular civilization. 
So often you hear that the religion is a private matter.It is between God and a man. It means if a man believes in God, his soul is witnessing that there is a God then he could worship Him as he wants. According to this concept, the relation between the humans, and between the human and other world is separate matter. There is no guidance required in these matters from the religion. In Economy, education, business, law, government and international relations no guidance is required from the creator. Humans are free to choose their path in all these matters. If you use to take guidance from religion than you would be considered an illiterate person, which is still living in stone age.
 Now the majority of seculars even do not know that there are some guidelines in all these matters by God. Finally they have kicked out to the religion even from their personal lives. Now in Europe where this concept was grown  many people do not believe in God. Mean they became the atheist (Non-believers).
 If we take this matter logically that the religion is the private matter, we would be unable to find any sense behind it. Because we do believe there is some God, who is owner and creator of the universe. But if he is not the creator then no need to worship Him, why do we worship Him if He does not have any role in the creation. It is foolishness to worship such a thing even privately if he does not have any connection with us. But if we accept There is a Creator then it made more laugh because if you believe that He is the creator and as every creator KNOWS BEST about the creation, then why follow only to a few commands and not to all?? It means when you are alone, There is a God, but when you are in getting there is no God. Which type of God is This?
 However if this limitation is given by God then it should be in Books given by Him. But if it is not from Him, then it is of course from the MAN which is an open revolt with the God. After of this revolt only that man claim to be believer who is out of his mind. How is it possible that a man individually is Human and creature of God, but collectively when they make a society then they are not humans (though the chosen  name is "Social animal". It is just like that in a cup filled with sand, one grain is sand but all the sand particles (collectively) are not. Why they dont think that if they dont need of religion in their social matters of economy, management, education, parliament, law, court, military, police, war etc. than where they need? Why should they accept such God/Creator who is unable to guide them in all parts of life? Or He is unable to convince us, to follow his given path?? Or it is like they know better than a creator? It is just like a software maker is unable to understand, what is the solution of any problem in software, but a user itself, knows better?

 The facts we were discussing are nothing, but the result of it is dangerous. There are only two things. A man can be right/wrong. There are two paths either of God/of Devil. If at any time, at any step you cut your relation with the God  it mean you are following to the path of devil. Private life of the human being does not exist. Human is a social being. He was born due to the social attachment of his parents (father and mother). When he came to the world he got many relations in the society. For a successful life he has to be good with all the relations. And these are taught by the God. When a man does not follow them he faces problems. When he disobey God's will then he runs on his and others experiences. So result could be the injustice, the rules and laws would be according to the desire. Which creates disturbance in the society.
We can observe in our society that the human are getting unjust. On all human matters selfishness is dominating. The relation either between two men or between two nations is going to be worst day by day. Every human, group, the nation has had made the rules of selfishness as crucial as they can make. In result the thing which left there is a sword which either have another sword at the front of him or occupation on weaker. The sword is not the name of judge or teacher. It is a blind power by utilizing it there can never be balance. Who has larger sword/ power will not only protect himself but will attack on others for more strength.
 The result of secularism i at front it is making our earth, a hell. Secularist are the servant of man rather than the men of God. It does not matters, secularist is an individual, is a group, or a state.
 The solution is only following the guideline by God, Not only at the individual level collectively as well. Our economic system, businesses, civilizations should be bound to follow the instruction of God. We can,t be free in our world matters even our freedom is bound in the boundaries of God. These boundaries should  beyond the access.
 May God bless all with peace. Aamin :)

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  1. The problem of non-secularism is the implication that the mightiest is the right one. If America or anyone were to follow this idea, which you push, they could simply do whatever they want, and you would have to support it, by definition.

    If any peaceful individual is not allowed to decide everything for him-/herself, that means that someone else has the moral right to decide. This right can only come from one place: Might is right. If one supports "might is morally right", then one can not at the same time support some other contrary moral - that would be an oxymoron.

    Secularism is the only logical position, because it leaves the choice to the only one who has the right to decide for the individual - the individual itself.


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