Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama fooled India!

During the 10 days visit to Asia, Obama said we will welcome India in SC for permanent seat. And just in 2 days US changed opinion and said "we will support India as permanent seat but with out Veto" 
 Though the talk is from long time about the discrimination on permanent seats and veto of Security council. But as there are many willings (Germany, Brazil, India, Japan) and many formulas are under discussion & at the same time many stoppers so its not such easy job to do. 
Obama,s landing in Mumbai also a question, though its simple but have importance. which simply shows concentration of Obama in Asia. As US is open supporter of India, but now it looks like US is using to India, to come out of economic depression. 
 China too showed its aggression by testing intercontinental missile (not accepted yet by any official)
 Obama did not blamed to Pakistan for Mumbai attack, though India tried her level best. India even used her students to say some on Pakistan. But Obama tackled it so beautifully. 
 More loss of India was on Kashmir, though Obama did not said/ done any positive for Kashmiri people, but he openly sad it a disputed area. And offered both Pakistan and India for playing role in between talk. It was a big slap on India which do not consider Kashmir a dispute. India always say it internal matter.
 So over all i am unable to understand what India won? after loosing a lot.

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