Thursday, November 04, 2010

Shame but not Sorry!

Attack on Iraq was a mistake i am still shameful: George W. Bush.
American 43rd president G.W.Bush during an interview said i am shameful on war against Iraq, but it was only a mistake. He said when it was approved that the  reports about W.M.D were wrong i got angry. He further added i wished to remove Duck chine, and i was in those in my administration which were anti of war against Iraq. but i am not sorry, because we removed one dictator. He talked about many mistakes in his Book "Decision Points" (about which the interview was). In his book he accepted his failure to deal with victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, due to which he was called a racist. Most interesting point of his talk was when he said "I am glad the decision of history about my tenure will come after my Death"
 Is not the talk showing the regrets of the most powerful, aggressive president of USA? In which he is shameful but not sorry, he is sorry to his people on failure of his team, but not to Iraqi people to whom he killed with out any reason. On the back of a lie. 
 At one time US supported to Saddam,s dictatorship against Iran and Kuwait, and same with Pakistan. Then suddenly they got remember that they are supporter of Democracy, and ran over the state whose currency was more strong than the dollar, even when the country was under sanctions. But then these sanctions created the situation of lack of food and medicine, for children too.
 What ever Saddam did with his or other countries but the attack of US and Saddam,s hanging up, made him Hero of Muslim world. Whose Government was demolished by a invader based on lie. Whose statues were demolished by the tanks and supporters of invaders. Who was hanged on the day of Eid (holy festival of Muslims). 
But What Bush will get in his last age, and after death???

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