Saturday, November 06, 2010

Obama and South Asia.

In many areas of the world people are facing war/ war like situations, south Asia is that place where both are available. Obama,s 10 days visit to south Asia has been started in which US 44th President Barack Hussain Obama will land on Pakistani land at first, which was not scheduled, but was added by the invitation during the 3rd strategic dialogue (21 October 2010) in Washington by COAS Ashfaq pervez Kiyani. Where  he will take in confidence to Pakistan by meeting with President, on his visit to India in VIP lounge of chaklala airbase. Then he will fly to India, Indonesia, south Korea and Japan respectively. 
 Obama,s visit to South Asia started just after the defeat of Democrats in midterm election. Where he will focus on spreading business in south Asian states. Security measures for Obama also seen able, like 40 planes and Helli will look after to him on the places where he will be available. He will travel in Cadillac cars. Total expenditures on security for three days will cost 18,00,00,00,000 Rs. Such huge to secure one man. If this and all other money on wars could be provided to people who are poor the world could be the most peaceful place. I just remember one writing in which a foreign visitor of Roman umpire said to 2nd Caliphate of Islam when he looked at him doing the rest under a tree with out any body guard "O, Ummar You do justice so enjoying peace" 
Obama will attend many meetings, in which he will attend one musical party to enjoy music. However will he talk on Kashmir, the core issue of wars in south Asia??? Democrat's defeat has shown him the future of his governance, and his repute in American people, but the steps for the peace in areas like Kashmir and Palestine, could bring him some claps. The issues have to be solved if not by Obama then by other, not on the table then in a battle field.

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