Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nature's blessings! (Atta Abad Lake)

When Pakistan was facing World's largest natural disaster (Flood in mid of 2010), in which more than 20 Million people were affected. A voice raised from a provisional government  "This water was to be Blessing rather than disaster, if we would had Kalabagh Dam". 
A disaster came in the end of 2005, when a earth Quake of 7.2, shacked to the Pakistan. After shocks were used to come continuously, Out of many losses, due to the land sliding a lake came into being in 2010, named "Atta Abaad Lake". But now in this winter when the lake is covered with frozen water (with an ice roof) it became a tourism point. It became a blessing, out of short problem of crossing on boat, for the people of Hunza Valley. The pictures are below.

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