Sunday, January 23, 2011

Colonel Imam also Killed!!

Colonel retired Imam (Sultan Aamir Tarar) also killed by the kidnappers. (Inna lillah wa inna eleye he rajeoon). Colonel Imam was one of the most active soldier in Afghan Jihad, in which Mujahideen from all over the world came in Afghanistan to fight with the invading forces of USSR.

Colonel Imam had been the officer of ISI (Inter services intelligence). He was kidnapped with two companions Khalid Khwaja (ISI officer) and Asad Qureshi (British Journalist). Khalid Khwaja was killed just after of Kidnapping. The kidnappers are "Asian Tigers" named group. which have no any record.
Indian RAW (intelligence agency) is working via Afghanistan border and badly effecting to Pakistan's security and for this purpose even mis using the name of Islam. Bomb Blasts in public areas, suicidal bombing and aid to non state actors are the agendas of the Indian agents. Insurgency in swat was also by the Raw network. But as Pak forces kicked them out from Swat will do from all the Pakistan. Pakistan is that nation which is fighting with many major powers at the same time.... And will Win ... InshahAllah!

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