Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pak-US by a visionary eye.

If we give the example of a Roller coaster for the Pak-US relations then they are again at its peak. But this time the coaster is having hurdles. It is due to trust deficit.
How a senior American journalist of 2nd world war see to the relations of the both countries is very amazing. Dee Middleton in his book "Pakistan the lost friend" published in 1968 told the future of the relation. 1st distrust of the both countries started in 1960s' when USA started giving weapons and aid to India though Pakistan was the member of SEATO and CENTO against USSR under US umbrella (In Bipolar world). 
Dee Middleton wrote by narrating America's near sighted policy; “Pakistan as an old friend, who has forgotten you, and is also the patron of Asian nations of the future. Pakistan is independent, tough and opportunistic. Pakistan’s geographical location and does not other concentrations make her virtually important for the peace in whole Asia, and in the world at large. There is no single patron by which Pakistan can be squeezed. Pakistani is the greater force than the Indians but a lesser people. We Americans are not sure, there is feeling in the Air that some how some where successive American administration have failed to secure a stead fast if not an easy Allie in these people”.
Though later too many Times US leaved Pakistan alone, especially after 1989 & 1998 etc. But Dee Middleton predicted very well more than 40 years ago.

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  1. Well, it is sad that our countries cannot all get a long. There could be so much good done in the world if the money spent on fighting were used for peace.

    I wish everyone could see what I see, that we are all the same, no matter what country, we have the same dreams, and desires, and needs.

    If we in America missed our opportunity to be Allie with Pakistan, then I will pray that will change. Thanks for sharing Fahad! jeri


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