Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seminar Talks (5) (Shamshad Ahmad Khan's Talk)

Shamshad Ahmad Khan in UoG
Mr. Shamshad Ahmad khan the former foreign secretary of Pakistan said “I have concluded that all the problems with the Pakistan are internal. Here is no matter of foreign policy at all, all the problems are internal”. 
He said both India and USA are very important for us. We can’t choose our neighbors. We have two neighbors, India geographically and USA due to its global out reach, is also on our head.
He said Foreign policy is not a bulleted paper but a mask which nations wear to impress other nations. But yes, Foreign policy is sum total of nations ideology, civilization and interests.
He said we should not go at extreme end by criticizing to the Armed forces. He said it does not mean I am in favor of dictatorship or coup but Army has an important role in security and it is her constitutional responsibility. No foreign office can decide or take steps with out the help of Intelligence agencies. If neighbors are threatening to you what can you do? And this armed role is not only in Pakistan, it is also available in America. Especially During the wars Pentagon always over rules the white house. (By sharing an experience He said; when we (Pakistan) were talking on the Nuclear weapons after May 28, 1998 US’s uniformed officials were in the talk but not in our team. He said we can’t ignore the positive role of the Army even he said we should proud on it.
He said Pakistan just after of its birth was like “Alice in the wonderland”. It was not clear where should we go. He said in Pak-US relations the important thing is we were never having mutuality in our relations. Both were having own interests, CENTO and SEATO were also our interests because we were under the threat of India and on the other side USA was to have one more paid soldier in bipolar world. But when the role was finished we became jobless. Engagement and estrangement were always in the relational history of both countries. High water mark was always when here was dictator ship, and USA was under the Republicans. But poor thing is that when ever here in Pakistan we have civilian Government the water mark is low. He said in all governmental tenures the priorities of our Rulers were always personal, either they were Dictators or Elected. He said in the war against terrorism the war was with Taliban in Afghanistan but we bring it in Pakistan by giving more than the demands.
He said world gave the name “Smiling Buddha” for Indian nuclear test in 1974, so Bhutto also started Nuclear Program of Pakistan as he had broad vision. We achieved the existing capacity in 1980s’ and world was also aware about it. In the time of 1998 we informed to the world powers that India is planning to testify his nukes once again, but no one put ear on that call. India tested again and after of that  India started threatening to Pakistan. It was a huge pressure on that time. World pressurized us and said “India is a bad boy you don’t be like her, take high moral grounds”. But due to people’s demand we became 7th nuclear power. He said here is an important thing to observe "after the tests American President called our Prime Minister and said “Had I been at your place PM, I would have done the same thing which you did”. This shows if the leader goes to the people’s desire they don’t have to answer at any where but with dignity and respect. He said the problem with Pakistan is Leadership miscarriage. Power gets sucked in when there is empty place. Army’s take over is not appreciable but Politicians are the responsible for it. If Politicians are not having ability to think, to take decisions then some one have to fill that gap.
He Ended his talk on a sentence of the Book “Pakistan the lost friend” (1968) by Dee Middleton. In which writer said; while narrating America’s near sighted policy: “Pakistan as an old friend, who has forgotten you, and is also the patron of Asian nations of the future. Pakistan is independent, tough and opportunistic. Pakistan’s geographical location and does not other concentrations make her virtually important for the peace in whole Asia, and in the world at large. There is no single patron by which Pakistan can be squeezed. Pakistani is the greater force than the Indians but a lesser people. We Americans are not sure, There is feeling in the Air that some how some where successive American administration have failed to secure a stead fast if not an easy Allie in these people”.
 He said it shows Pakistan was always on the Radar of USA. After more than 60 years now 1st time we are trouble some friends, stanch Allie and a threat too for America.
No Rule of law is responsible for all in Pakistan. These Pakistanis follows law when they are on Motor way but out of that particular piece of land in country there is no Rule of law. He said diffuse impurity and immunity to have the rule of law.

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