Monday, February 21, 2011

A Great Game Exposed. (Reymond Davis)

A great game has been exposed that the fake diplomat, American Killer  (Raymond Davis) is the member of the task force working in the region (Pak-Afghan) to establish relations with the Al-Qaeda to fuel them with Biological weapons and nuclear fissile material. 
ISI (Pakistani Intelligence agency) and Russian SVR (Foreign intelligence agency) exposed that America is playing a great game in the region results of which will full fill the agendas of establishing New world order and saving of collapsing economy. 
With the passage of time the facts are coming out why American establishment is forcing to save a private contractor by giving him the immunity of a diplomat. 
But America should keep in the mind other nations are also not sleepy. The regions the Americans have interests has suffered a lot, and still suffering. Arab region is already in the change. Political scenario of the South Asia also could be change at any time. Any such step, will be bad for the Americans itself. But poor American people are still sleeping and not standing against the dangerous policies of the establishment. But they should remember that what they are planting  same will be the fruit.

Here Keep one more thing in the mind  since Raymond is behind the bars there is no DRONE attack in the Pakistan which were as usual as the rain in any fertile region. 


  1. This is very good but please think about all aspects of everything. A media group and his website shows that Raymond was not working for USA. He was working for Pakistan army and ISI against the activities of Indian secret agencies. And when he was appointed, asked clearly by Pak ISI that he will not supported if he act any activity against the deal.

  2. @Noman as the case is now about one month old. But i did not watched any such post please share if you have any report which is saying an american to whom American embassy is declaring consultant in consulate was working for the RAW. and in which deal he gone against?


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