Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seminar talks (4) (Aitzaz Ahsan's Talk)

Aitzaz Ahsan in UoG.
Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan is one of the most active personality in the free Judiciary movement of Pakistan. 
By starting his talk in the seminar, Aitzaz Ahsan said; due at the end of the World War II, the situation for the Pakistan at its birth was very crucial. World became bipolar & both Big powers were effecting and influencing to the nations.
About India Mr.Aitzaz Ahsan said; India due to Jwahar Lal Nehru’s thoughts had a natural bent towards Socialism/USSR, and Pakistan due to Feudals, Businessmen, Pak Army & British trained Bureaucracy bent towards capitalism/west. He further added though USSR was Totalitarian state but in its concept there was the concept of a welfare state. Indian freedom party "Congress" from very start had democracy within the party too but it lacked in Muslim league (Pakistan's freedom party) due to the Feudals.
He said with the Neighbors you must have good relations, but dictatorship just after a few years put Pakistan into “National Security state” rather than a “Welfare state”. Though the vision of M.A.Jinnah(Founder of Pakistan) was also to make Pakistan a “Welfare state”. By defining welfare state he said; for a welfare state the citizen is the top priority but for a security state, the state is at priority.
He said the wars in 1965 & 1971 with India fed more to the ideology of the “National Security state”. He said Democracy itself a reason for welfare of the state but if you will deny the Democracy then you have to introduce an ideology. This ideology was created by the both wars.
He declared the year of 1979 very bad for the Pakistan, 1st the  Hanging of Z.A.Bhutto and 2nd Invasion of USSR in Afghanistan. Which more solidify to the ideology of “National security state”. He said the Intellectuals which were talking about the Welfare of the state and on the hanging of elected PM, were just ignored on the invasion of USSR in the Afghanistan.
He appreciated to the Pak Army on reclaiming Swat valley as the war on terrorism is our own war now not only of America. Though in start it was not.
 He said After the May 28, 1998 it was assumed that no one (Pakistan and India) will go for war but we saw just a few months later we jumped into the Kargil war. But the war which is against the internal non state actors is the actual war. He said we teach to our children Hindu is an enemy not a different believer. In 6 Billion world population we Muslims are in minority but take to all others as the poor people.
He said Pakistan’s fate is in this region; we can’t cut and settle it in America/ Europe. We should increase people-people contact. Europe did many wars and two world wars too, killed more than 20 Millions peoples but now at last intellectually doing talk on the table, and getting benefits of open trade. He said we beg to EU and USA for cotta in trade but not opening trade to neighbor India which is more big and favorable market than both of them. India may do worry because have many times bigger market than us but why we are hesitating? India & China also have big clash of 3000KM but are good big trading partners. We have just systematic problem and of thoughts. 
He said Don’t be India phobic, the only thing with fear is fear itself. So come out of this fear and do open trade.
He said the system where is no Immunity no Impurity is the only solution for the Pakistan. Leave the politics of fear & think to live with all religions in universal nationality. At the end by addressing to the youth of Pakistan he said if we the elders are unable to do so, “You” the Youth of Pakistan will have to do it.

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