Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Seminar talks (2) (Mushahid Hussain Syed's talk)

Mr.Mushahid one of good intellectual in Foreign relations and politician. 

Mushahid Hussain Syed in UoG.

Mr.Mushahid started his talk by three points. 1st The domestic & historical context, 2nd Geo political and 3rd what should be doing with the foreign policy?

He said China is getting influence in the region not India. 
He said US is responsible for the distrust between Pak-US. It is due to the US weaponry aid to the India in start of 1960s’ 2nd due the attitude of USA after 1989 (after Afghan Jihad). US is asking for the same position after 9/11 which was hold by Pakistan in Afghan Jihad but Pakistan is not accepting that role. New York Times wrote in a report “Pakistan is the state which has little Influence, little access & little credibility”.
He said Pakistan’s internal changes influencing to the Foreign Policy. Power of public opinion is getting meaning a lot. Power structure is changing and it is a good sign. Islamabad’s throne via Washington is old thing now. He further added it is not only with Pakistan but with the whole region.
He said “Obama’s war” exposed to the internal weaknesses of the USA. Establishment is in the favor of war but Politicians are to dialogue. Economy is getting down and war is not ending. He said now Obama is focusing on 2012 when he has to go back for the elections. Obama has 1 choice either stop the War or re-establish the economy. Both can’t run at the same time. A three trillion war has to stop.
He said there are 3Ds’ for Pakistan Dollars, DRONES, and Dialogue. Pakistan should reconsider her foreign policy. He analyzed to American and China’s aid for the Pakistan. American total aid to the Pakistan in next five years is equal to the 3 weeks expenditures of US on Iraq and Afghan war. But China is giving 35 Billion$ in private as well as in Public sector. In 2009 53 Drone attacks killed 400; means weekly 1 attack and more than 1 casualty daily. In 2010, 104 attacks in which 611 died, means 2 DRONE in a week causing 2 casualties every day. But still insurgency is spreading. In Afghanistan US forces are facing 66% more attacks than the before. In Dialogue Pakistan have done three sessions with the Americans. 1st in February 2010 in which  46 pages document was  given by Pakistan, 2nd July 2010 in which 98 pages document was handed over to US then 3rd in October 2010 in which Pakistan presented 14 pages document.
Mr.Mushahid Hussain said now a good thing is that both civil and military establishment is standing at the same position. He said we should talk directly to the US to stop double standards. America is dictating to Pakistan for attacks on Taliban but for consensus to Karzai. He said during a talk with Holbrook I asked him; “what would be your response if Cuban consulates will be opened in the Mexico?” on his question “what Indian consulates can do on afghan borders??”  He said I told to Holbrook all should be on the same page.
He said there are three wars in the region. 1st is of US against Taliban, 2nd Pak with internal extremists funded by externals and 3rd Pak-Ind proxy war.
Mushahid Hussain said; Pakistan is the need of Obama. We have cards but not players to play them. While talking about India’s influence in the region he said Obama’s visit to India was actually in the favor of USA, Obama did not said any sentence as the Bush was used to. French and German heads of states visited India and turned back, but China even on stop did not stopped. Even During the address with the joint session of Parliament Chinese PM backed to Pakistan’s stands.
He said this century is the centaury of Asia. South Asia is not just a sub-continent, it is greater due to in between position, and Chain is de facto part of south Asia. TAPI (Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India pipe line) and IPI (Iran, Pakistan and India) will joint the region as predictors are saying. While laughing in the talk he gave it the name of Pipeistan. 
He said don’t repeat the mistakes, if you want to do mistakes please do new one. He said a new cold war has been started that is of energy. We are at important role in it as had in the past.
He said national security with artillery is old definition now, now it includes civilian component equally important. At the end of talk He praised to the Pakistani nation as a spark, current & spirit having nation. He said during a meeting USA asked how can finish trust deficit? The answer was during Swat operation due to a big displacement of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s), you shouted Pakistan will collapse in this summer, but you have seen 2.5 million backed in time and efficiently. This was big number than Palestine even. You don’t have confidence over Pakistan but this nation has spirit. 

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