Monday, March 21, 2011

So fast... (Libya)

 After the Iraq war, the most common question was; "Who will be the next target"? The situation in south Asia indicated it could be Pakistan. It was not because the Pakistani rulers are more loyal to the master than the master itself. This strategy of Pakistani rulers is a permit to rule over the people with out their consent. This is so called democracy. In Pakistan will be no revolt, no change. It does not mean that the Pakistan lacks the interest of America. The resources of Pakistan and its geography are more important than any other Oil-rich country. However as I said before the rulers of Pakistan are more loyal and paying their duties so beautifully. So there can never be revolt for the Pakistani people. The revolts are to decided by the white house, for the world NATIONS. 
Libya is under attack. The attack was designed and managed so fast that it was never expected at all. Libya got next number to be attacked because Qadaffi did dare to say "No". A few people are criticizing to the Arab league, because Arab league also participated in the resolution of  "no-fly zone". Arab league has said that it support to no-fly-zone was for the security of Libyan people. Not for the attack on Libya by NATO and its Allies. Qadaffi has announced no more attack on the so called revolutionist. However it interesting that now western forces has refused. Although its purpose to get involved was only to stop government's aggression against the revolutionist. Allied forces has even attacked on Qadaffi. Now saying the purpose is not to remove Qaddafi. So what is it??
Another important thing the media has stared whispering the Libya has the chemical weapons too. Isnt giving the sense of Iraq war, will it not pave the way for ground attack?? So the world should get ready for the new lie from the certified liars.
A no-fly-zone means no attack from the air. But the biased world has all the rights to violate the laws. USA can attack on Iraq by bypassing UN resolution. It can override the matters according to her choice. It has to start new war zones for the support of its economy. But the people of western countries should keep in mind that their silence is a threat to their security.

A situation in Arab streets and simple civilized solution by George Galloway.

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