Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love is still there....!

The World says that the hate in Bengalis broke Pakistan in two pieces in result of which East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971. But the social media and public contacts are exploring the facts very beautifully. 
Cricket World cup 2011 is to end but again the people of Bangladesh expressed their love towards Pakistan.  The welcome of Pakistani Capitan in the stadium, and the public love is also giving a message to the world.

In the video a Bangladeshi boy is asking for the exchange of the shirts to a Pakistani boy. Pakistani Boy is in the cricket Kit (outfit). 1st he refused by saying "the size of both is not same". Than the Bengali boy said "Do manage my dear, Do manage, You will found

many such shirts in the Pakistan, But I will not here in the Bangladesh" 
(Then both of them exchanged the shirts happily). Also See.

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