Saturday, June 19, 2010

She ( BINISH) could be........

Today (18june2010) during break fast i was hearing the NEWS but then one NEWS convert it into listening.

 there were about 3 continuous NEWS of suicide in different areas of Pakistan.
  i was unable to continue break fast because the reason of suicide were hunger.
three families were killed due to the hunger, in which especially the male members of houses killed to their families by poisoning them.
a girl BINISH who was also one of the victim, was a intelligent, sensitive, innocent one. when reporter was interviewing the relatives they said that she was very sensitive and intelligent. she always  used to say that i will earn and will serve, help to my father. her cousin was saying she was very caring and always loved to help her in her studies. we always went to school together but now I............

 These were the last words by her. and after of that a minister said "The people which can,t meal to their children sent them to the BAIT-UL-MAAL. May Allah Aadil show those days in his life when has to sent his children in BAIT-UL-MAAL. then he could understand what he said.
 An Agricultural based country is in this condition and at the same time if we look to our so called re-presenters we found them enjoying luxurious life by our taxes. a small detail:

Senate budget 25,00,000 = 2.5 Million/ Day, 90,76,10,000Rs/ Year
parliament budget  46,00,000 = 4.6 Million/Day, 1,68,38,56.000Rs/ Year
Zardari sb in president palace daily 11,70,000 = 1.2 Million /Day,  42,72,00,000/ year and 8,43000 foreign visits / Day, 30,78,00,000/ Year.
sayed zada president house budget 13,50,000 = 1.4 Million /Day, 42,81,00,000/ Year. &41,00,000/day, 1,47,50,00,000/Year foreign visits. 

little more lower servents of PM housr are 411.
 i dont forgot the day when i red the news " I WILL recall the days of KHULFA_E_RASHIDEEN" (CM Of Punjab). he actually tried to said "If on the bank of Dajla (river of Iraq) a dog will die in hunger Allah will ask me about it" 
And about load shedding.
It is a brief condition of them which beg at from of world for us in designer made suits, Rolex watches etc.
 Just before of the election of Feb 2008 it was 1st election when i was able to caste my vote i was not agree/ wished to caste it Because i had not believe on any of the politician. But my Baba jani said " If you have to choose one sin in two then choose to one of them which is low"  and i casted my vote but now i think i did wrong. 
Now in future we should not choose to any sin either small/ big. This might can create real change.
What you say????


  1. a very nice post, and very beautifully crafted. showing statistics in your post adds value. keep up the good job.


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