Friday, June 04, 2010


Materialism is to be worldly-minded. means think, have, and be worldly.
If we compare to our self with our forefathers we can analyse very easily that out of some development they were very happy, satisfied from their lives, environment and much more is that they were very peacefully. Their lives were full of pleasure and chill.
And at the same time if we give a look to our lives (not so deeply even) which are full of developed equipments) , are not happy, not such satisfied from environment, our living, in short from life. and above of all we are not secured, not save, all the time full of threats, and now aspect all the time new shocks.
And after this critical analysis if we look for the reasons, might we feel their are many but in those the 1st one is the materialism. We are very very materialistic as compare to our forefathers. to which our many people will say practicalness, pureness, and even realistic ism. like they wanna say only we are living in real world and our forefathers were education less, non realistic people.
And later might be some will be happy to say "yes", thats is true and they can give some examples as well. but those will be exceptional. because these exceptional cases are every where. its does not mean that they are right in majority, and with full strength.
Out of that i feel that the easiness, happiness, peacefulness and satisfaction of our forefathers make us to think that in real life, in realistic approach they were more practical. because practical ism is that what exist in real life, does not matter from where and how you are getting to those targets. either they are from spiritual sources, ethical, cultural, social values or from any where else. but what gives you real satisfaction that goes for long time with out harming, damaging to others that is actual realistic ism.
which will bring you not only the peace, but satisfaction from life and in Ur HeArT a lot of happiness as well. because happiness, is not exist in material but it is a feeling which can be in our approach if we try to have it through small efforts, sacrifices, service etc. which are price less and exists in not existing material. might be a small effort can bring us that unpurchase able thing to which we are googleing in materials.
And one more thing at the end i am not even agree with it that we are more educated as compare to our forefathers. ya it can be in the sense of knowledge but not in education. when education means formation not information. i am saying that because we are more poor and getting more day by day in ethical values. and this is just for the sake of materialism, and having in mind we are actual realistic, we are loosing our .......... and at the end........
and if u go for the reason behind the materialism. WHY we are following to the materialism i feel two reasons:
1: negative media.
2: capitalism.

So you people can examine that and you will be more easy if will have and will observe it from Ur surroundings.

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