Wednesday, July 28, 2010


PIA ( Pakistan International Airline).
 Since long we are hearing that the different departments of Pakistan are going in loss, like Railways, Airline, post, etc.
 but today a plane crash took me to read some about PIA, and its history.
 I was not shocked to read such amazing history of Pakistan Airline.
 For details you may read the shared links, but here i want to share some comments about Pakistan Airline. 
1st: My one uncle are saying: "when i was student abroad in 90s, i always used Pakistan Airline to travel and on that time PIA was used to give "student discount" a return ticket was available in 90$.  But now when he is living there PIA is have no flights there.
2nd: My Father saying the meal of PIA was too favorite by all passengers whole over he world. either they were Muslims/ non Muslims. and now so often we hear complaints about PIA authorities. 

 Who is the responsible of such degradation. Just a few years ago the same department was giving complete satisfaction, and was loved by customers over the world. But the situation is reverse now. We need to think about it, nothing is impossible we can regain all that and can generate revenue. The thing which we have to do is check n balance and accountability, by which we can change the fate of Pakistan.

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